VMware 2018 in review, the other story

So rather than blast out every new update and tiny detail I thought I would take some time and just cover the messages that were delivered at VMworld and what it means going forward.

Speaking personally, I think we (as VMware administrators and sysadmins in general) realize that on-premises hypervisors are pretty much done feature wise (In their current iteration at least.)

That leaves a lot of space (sales) to fill. VMware cannot however be accused of not getting into new (and exciting the geek populus) with a new take on some IoT/Edge technology.

Up until last year it was very much a “yeah, ok” scenario. That yawn got well and truly blasted out this year with a plan to create what is essentially “An ESXi cluster in a box” based around ARM technology.

Whilst everyone admits that the ESXi on Raspberry Pi was just a headline grabber (lack of grunt), the support for ARM and belief in the technology is there. Despite a lot of pushing on my part, the VMware IoT team wouldn’t name names but are said to be working with ODMs to create an IoT box with larger amounts of RAM and more performant CPUs.

The ability to build the cluster of ESXi on ARM provides a whole new world of opportunity, high availabilty applications that can be vMotioned on ARM when patching or other such event is needed.  Backing all this up is VSAN on ARM. You read that right, VSAN on ARM!

This makes it ideal for critical sites with limited infrastructure. An example, remote wind and solar farms that have limited links.

Other things of note with the new ARM based system is that it can (eventually) be used as a witness node for smaller VSAN installations it remediates the need for a (not inexpensive) third node!

There are other interesting bits but I can’t give them all away at once! Stay tuned!